The Project “Terres d’ailleurs” started 3 years ago, in 2014. A good friend of mine, Canadian, organized a trip across the west part of Newfoundland, in Canada. I knew a little about this place, but got quickly interested when I discovered it is one of the places in the North Atlantic you can see the most Icebergs deriving down south. Not only the preserved wild nature of Newfoundland, but also the icebergs, floating down to a programmed death, melting down, opened my eyes to the fragility of our planet, but also the beauty it does offer us. We simply must take the time to watch it.

Then came 2016. I did travel again to Newfoundland, I had to see more of it. But this time, I took the time to also stop in Iceland, a long-time dream of mine. Iceland is a country of fairy tales, with is never ending changing landscapes. The drive was long (+3,000 km in 7 days…), around the island, but what an amazing place! From the coast to inland, you never see twice the same landscape, never have the same feeling. Iceland is never the same, you feel the urgency of life on this young piece of hearth, volcanos, steam sources, waterfalls give you the same feeling as watching a melting iceberg; being small and fragile on this planet, where nature is so powerful and changing quickly.

“Terres d’ailleurs” is a way for me to share my view about the fragility and beautifulness of our planet in these northern regions of the world that clearly inspire me.